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All prices are approximate and intended for gross budgeting purposes only. You must fill out an order form to obtain a quote with exact prices. Please note, these prices are only for University of California affiliates; external clients will be charged a UCSD overhead fee of 45% in addition to the costs below. There is a ten (10) sample minimum for all panels; however, large sample sizes (100+) qualify for a high volume discount. For more information or analyses not listed here, please contact us.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Costs are approximate.

Fatty Acyls

Fatty Acids





Cholesterol Esters


Total Fatty Acid Panel

Free Fatty Acid Panel

Comprehensive Eicosanoid Panel

10-Eicosanoid Panel

Phospholipid Class Panel

Comprehensive Phospholipid Panel

Comprehensive Glycerolipid Panel

Sphingomyelin Profile Panel

Ceramide Profile Panel

Comprehensive Sphingolipid Panel

Cholesterol Ester Panel

Free Sterol Panel

Total Sterol Panel

Cost per sample

$ 100

$ 70

$ 170

$ 100

$ 120

$ 193

$ 165

$ 134

$ 134

$ 180

$ 134

$ 99

$ 134

Complex Lipid Panel

(includes Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Glycerolipids, Cholesterol Esters, Acylcarnitines)

Protein Concentration

Tissue Homogenization

For other panels and analyses of specific analytes, please contact us.

$ 539

$ 10

$ 7.50